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'Dance Together' Shirt
Dance Together is a creation of Luis Effio, a designer based in Lima, Peru. It focuses on the experience of being "surrounded by dance and electronic music. A unique and temporary space free of social barriers". All Wax Palace shirts are screen printed by hand to heavy-weight fabrics and use a range of environmentally sustainable inks, colour-matched to the PANTONE® palette. Our shirts are unisex and have an oversized fit; we'd recommend buying true-to-size, or one size down for a closer cut.
£ 26 


Luis' artistic practice is based on the exploration and mixing of symbols, information and visual culture. His designs are an attempt to emulate nostalgia through a futuristic lens, and are influenced by surrealism (of which Peru has a great history). He fights against perfection and describes his work as 'visual poetry' because of a playful relationship with structure: “both mediums go beyond plain denotative value, instead seeking meaning from the aesthetic quality of their form". To find out more about Peru's history of surrealist art, try 'El Decertor'. For more of Luis Effio, visit his site:


How we treat the environment is of great importance to Wax Palace. In the interest of sustainability, we have researched and implemented what we believe to be the most environmentally considerate manufacturing processes available to us: production is paperless, waste is reduced at all opportunities and is recycled where possible (direct-to-screen machines eliminate the use of films), and we promote the use of 100% organic cotton which is natural and GMO-free. Organic cotton also uses less water than standard cotton and does not include the use of chemicals in production. All remaining materials are disposed of through accredited companies, and we only use dryers certified by The Carbon Trust. Whenever possible we use recycled and/or fairtrade goods, and all inks are both vegan and 100% phthalate free.

There is still a way to go! Postal methods rely heavily on the use of oil, and we are working with our suppliers to develop packaging which is robust, affordable and 100% recycled in an effort to reduce our plastic consumption. If you have experience in environmentally conscious manufacturing, we always welcome additional input!

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