Wax Palace Radio is live 24/7. Click here to tune in, drop out and dance.
Wax Palace is more than decks, darkness and dancing.
Wax Palace started as a rave held in an open-air maze and quickly grew into a close community of dance-lovers, musicians, creatives and ravers. Since 2018 our passion has been fast music, friendly crowds and unique spaces designed with free expression in mind.

"There is a difference between a ‘party’ and a ‘club night’, and that difference is a chasm."
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We're currently taking a break from publicly advertised events. Sorry! Existing members will be notified of nearby events by text, and can still access WP Radio, photo albums and more using the link below.

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HANDMADE raves, clothing and more.

Need something to dance in? We've got your back. Our shirts are heavy weight and made from environmentally sourced materials, down to the inks we screen print with. Bedroom wall looking a little boring? Throw up a limited series print of a WP event poster. In the mood for something unique? We've listed some of our one-off projects and products for sale too. Enjoy x

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"I have an event idea!"

Wax Palace has never been run by one individual and our bold event ideas would not have been possible without a large network of talent and support. If you'd like to be a part of that network, produce an item of clothing, or do just about anything creative, please get in touch and share your idea with us! We'd love to have you on board.

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crafting a party of your own? we lend out speakers, rigs and artwork.
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